Thursday, January 3, 2013

Where to begin..

These last few days have been so hectic and out of place. But let's start with all the good things that have been going on lately! We had an amazing Christmas. Probably the best yet. We had a great time watching the girls open up all their gifts. We want to thank EVERYONE that sent the girls something for Christmas. Especially The Butterfly Fund. They are amazing and the girls received so much. It was over the top amazing! If that makes sense? Haha. Our new year was great as well. Brystal and I spent the night in the hospital while my bestest friend had her son at 10:47pm on the 31st. Definitely a great way to bring in the new year. I am truly blessed! <3

The girls are doing wonderful. Sophie is on winter break from school so it has been nice to just stay home with her and not worry about taking her to school. Emily is FULLY potty trained now. She isn't even wetting the bed. We are so proud of her. And Brystal. She is great. We have our "moments" but other then that shes perfect. She has been blistering a lot lately. We don't know what is going on, but she is having some sort of break out as of late. Maybe the cold weather? We aren't sure. She has been going to see a speech therapist for her bottle transition to cup. It is going fairly well. We have gone through over 10 different kinds of sippy cups. I didn't even know that there were so many different ones! But we finally found a good one for her. We are just having troubles getting her to forget about the bottle. She carries her bottle every where. It is like a security blanket for her. Even when it is empty I can't take it from her. Lol. The cup we found is made by Avent and it is spill proof (love) and it is amazing. It doesn't have a spout like normal sippy cups which is good b/c she either couldn't suck on it or she couldn't find the right area to drink from. This cup she can drink from any area like a normal cup except when she tips it to drink her nose lightly presses on the sensor and the drink comes out. I absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone. It is a great transition cup to a regular cup which will help her go to regular cups when she is ready. Saves us an extra step!! :)

Okay so back to our "out of place" last few days. As I mentioned before my best friend had her son. I was able to be in the room with her when she delivered and it was so... normal. I felt a bit of jealousy. I got to cut the umbilical cord which was amazing and SO HARD since I was crying and couldn't see! Haha Yes I am emotional. But the last time I witnessed a baby being born was Brystal and it wasn't the BEST time. I just kept thinking, "This isn't what it was like for Brystal. Wow it is crazy how rough they are!" And I was so jealous, hurt, sad, happy, excited and emotional as she got to hold him on her chest for that bonding time when he was first born. She was able to breast feed him. There wasn't anything wrong. It was perfect. I was so MAD at myself for feeling jealous and hurt. A healthy baby was brought perfectly into this world without a single problem. Why was I acting this way? Ugh. I should have been nothing but HAPPY. Not hurt? I didn't want him to come out with a single thing wrong. That's definitely not the case at all. I just kept thinking how it was with Brystal and how horrible the situation was at the time. Brendan and I were over joyed when we found out we were expecting since it was our first baby together (I don't know if everyone knows but Sophie is mine and Emily is Brendans) so Brystal was the one that connected us all together as one BIG family. It was supposed to be perfect. And it wasn't.. I wish I would have been more prepared for Brystal coming the way she did. If only I could go back to that day. If only I knew what I know now. When people talk about how they just want a boy or girl or whatever I just want to hit them and say be happy that you have a healthy baby! You rarely hear about unhealthy babies and when you do its so RARE! When Brystal was born all I remember was hearing the doctor ask whats wrong with her leg? Nurse do you see this? That's NOT the first thing a mom should hear. I should have heard the nursery bells they play when a babies born or the doctor congratulating me. No.. I never thought anything like this would happen. Blah! I don't know... I have been super emotional lately. Mood swing after mood swing. It's like seeing him born opened up a closed door :/

I am so stressed out lately. I can't seem to get caught up on anything. Brendan and I are going through a lot with Social Security and what not. I am not getting anymore money and since I stopped receiving money SS won't give me the full amount till March! So we went from getting $960- $1200 a month to $200. And Brendan doesn't make enough to pay all the bills. It is just so overwhelming. I also signed up for school and now I can't start till February and I had class this coming Monday that I have to drop b/c they didn't get everything done in time with the holiday season. It is just ugh. It seems like nothing is going our way. Except that the girls are healthy and happy. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. I think that something better is too come but there is no telling when. Hopefully soon?

Okay so back to Brystal! She has pt in about 30 mins and I can't wait to see how she does. She is super close to walking on her own. Today she was walking with only holding one of my hands. I am so proud of her and all her accomplishments. She is amazing. She now gives high fives. Shes such a quick learner. And she is always wanting to be with her sissies. She is always crawling to them to see what they are doing. It's too cute. oh! So we had Brystal on Almond milk and it was working but it didn't half nearly enough calories and she was going through a whole carton a day! Now we are on Soy milk and she is having the worst diapers. I am hoping she isn't allergic. She has been bloated and constipated at times. I am giving her less and less each day to see if it helps. We are trying to get her to eat more baby food and regular food every day. Some days she does awesome and eats everything and others she won't touch anything. I am hoping she starts to eat on a normal schedule. Hopefully soon lol

Okay Brystal just got up from a nap so I better go. Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! <3

This was her wrist the other day :/

This was her armpit and side this morning.

Her new shoes! <3 The only ones that fit and don't cause harm!!

Loves her new ride on!

My best friend and Brystal <3

Her new play area with ALL of her Christmas toys.

This is her new cup :)

The girls sporting the Arizona Wildcats <3 Christmas outfits lol

Christmas! Her messy face from snacks.

We finally received an order of supplies! This is only for one month!

Wearing her new shoes! Lol

Brayce :)

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